(I Know) You Are Listening

(I Know) You Are Listening

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30th December 2023 (Jeff Lynne's birthday)

Began Writing:

16th May 2020


6th June 2023 - 2nd December 2023*

*Recordings produced from sessions dated between 24th February 2021 - 8th October 2021 did occur as part of the original acoustic project in efforts for this release, however the project was eventually abandoned. None of these earlier recordings feature in this release.





Joel Dobbins Music


Music & Lyrics:

Joel Dobbins

Cover Art:

Joel Dobbins


Joel Dobbins


Josh Whalan

(I Know) You Are Listening Joel Dobbins You Know Who You Are

Back Story:

"This is a song written about the moment you realise certain people at different points in your life actually never cared for you and actually all along were narcissists, such as covert narcissists. It is written at the moment in time where they are just realising you have already realised who they really are. The main line in the chorus - "I know you are listening" - is particularly shining light on the intensity of their narcissistic obsession for new information from you, all the time pretending to care but really just creating lies about those truths to work against you. After all, the best lies are truth but twisted, so the more truth a liar knows, the better the liar they become. On a more personal level, it is a bit of a nod to those that are probably still obsessed with me and hence are even literally listening to this very song. The album title, "You Know Who You Are", is also quoted from this song’s Chorus, with the album cover also being directly inspired by this phrase and the lyrical contents of this song. Victor's vocals are superb too and really lifts the song, thanks heaps mate!"
- Joel Dobbins

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Has anyone else noticed yet
Or tried to piece it together
Or are we all just as tied up
All have been tied up by you

You know who you are
And I know what you do
And I know what you’ve done
And I know you are listening

Every move and I am watching
Don’t you dare try anything new
Preying on every innocent soul
And the person I've caught is you

You've left a trail each and everywhere
The evidence is overwhelming
It's only a matter of time you see
Before everyone finds out it's you

You know who you are
And I know what you do
And I know what you’ve done
And I know you are listening

Your heart pumps but it does not feel
Your breath reeks of decay
I wish I had got here sooner
To catch you before your next meal

The truth hurts now especially for you
The spotlight is shining so bright
You can't run anymore it's now too late
It's time to raise that white flag

You know who you are
And I know what you do
And I know what you’ve done
And I know you are listening