Can't You See

Can't You See

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30th December 2023 (Jeff Lynne's birthday)

Began Writing:

1st April 2007


6th June 2023 - 2nd December 2023*

*Recordings produced from sessions dated between 24th February 2021 - 8th October 2021 did occur as part of the original acoustic project in efforts for this release, however the project was eventually abandoned. None of these earlier recordings feature in this release.





Joel Dobbins Music


Music & Lyrics:

Joel Dobbins

Cover Art:

Joel Dobbins


Joel Dobbins


Josh Whalan

Can't You See Joel Dobbins You Know Who You Are

Back Story:

"Originally inspired by a time in highschool, the original demo for this song was actually the very first song I recorded properly with multi-track. This was recorded before the band Gravier even started, whose release of "I Decided To Tell You" features some of my earliest recordings of music released to date. Everything for the "You Know Who You Are" album was re-recorded however, so this version proved to be a big improvement on the original recording made in April 2007 during my last year in highschool. This is also due to Donna's really cool vocals which I think compliments my vocals really well. Interestingly the same solo was re-recorded and most of the lyrics are identical. This version is much faster than the original with the tempo of that first recording being the main reason why it didn’t make the cut for Gravier's "I Decided To Tell You" album, despite the song itself being quite strong.

I did however make a few changes to the lyrics while recording this in 2023, in particular the lines “extreme emotions are all that you feel”. This directly relates to someone I used to know who would really experience these extreme emotions and hence affect all of those around her. Eventually I found out she has Petulant Borderline Personality Disorder."
- Joel Dobbins

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I turn to you
You look away
Is it a game
A game you play
We were together
But now we're apart
I offered my heart
But you threw a dart
You say you don't fit in
You blame it on me
It’s in your own power
To set yourself free

What do you do
When she still loves you

I turn and toss
I cannot sleep
Why are there still secrets
You wish to keep
When you smile
It don't seem real
Extreme emotions
Are all that you feel

Can’t you see
You are hurting me
Can’t you see
You are not made for me

She’s a weight on my back
A burden wearing me down
Gotta make up her slack
And all I get is a frown
What is on your mind
I will never know
How can we say goodbye
When we never said hello

What do you say
When your love has passed away

Day by day
Your memory fades
Those days are over
When I used to be your slave